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Home Buying Guide


Buying a home is one of a handful of memorable big life decisions. Make sure you are prepared and protected by using the following tips and securing the services of a trusted Realtor! Make sure you…

  1. Know your credit score. There are several websites that you can go to for free where you can get your full credit report. This is important information to know as this will determine the interest rate you will pay on a loan.
  1. Go to a local Bank or Mortgage Company to get pre-approved.
  1. Find an experienced real estate buyer/agent that you like and your agent can set you up on the MLS website where you can get access to the most up-to-date status of properties in the areas you choose. This is like window shopping; however, you will get addresses of these properties so that you can drive by them to see if you like the area. (This will give you a “leg up” on your real estate search.)
  1. Your bank or mortgage company will also inform you about the many different types of loans that you may qualify for.
  1. From the time you start this process until the time you are in your new home, DO NOT assume any more credit as it will affect your credit score. Also, do not change or quit your job. The banks/mortgage companies like to see at least 2 years’ of employment at the same place or the same type of job.
  1. Happy Hunting and Happy Home Ownership!

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