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  • Start early in the process by getting rid of clutter as you want a more sparse appearance. Box up things you want to keep but that you need to remove from the house, giving the house a more showroom look.
  • Paint any rooms, if needed. Neutral colors are advised, especially if you have a room painted purple or “bubble gum pink”.
  • Do small repairs if needed. i.e. leaky faucets or anything that leaks for that matter,, ripped window screens, doors that don’t close properly.
  • Have the furnace cleaned.
  • You could hire your own home inspector so you will know of any potential problems ahead of time and can address them.
  • Get rid of any smells. They can turn a buyer off right away. Such odors include pet odors, smoke, cooking.
  • Next, clean everything. Windows should look like there are no window panes. Clean the carpets and drapes, oven, refrigerator. Your home should sparkle!
  • Use higher wattage bulbs in lamps to brighten up the home.
  • Tidy the yard by mowing regularly, weeding and adding potted plants.
  • Go to the curb and see for yourself what you can do to make your home welcoming by adding some color, whether it be bushes, flowers, etc.
  • Hire a home stager. They are a big help with arranging furniture and know just the right “accessories” to complement your home.

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